Best place to buy homes in Delaware

Best place to buy homes in Delaware?:

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Low property taxes, no sales tax, and a lower cost of living – compared to other Northeastern states – is attracting many would be buyers to buy homes in Delaware. Delaware is known for its bucolic landscapes, abundance of parks, wildlife refuges, beaches, and lighthouses to explore (among many other positive features). Furthermore, no matter where you live in Delaware, you are are an easy one-day trip away from the culture, and amenities, offered in several metropolitan cities.  These cities include: Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City.

With the above in mind, the apparent question of thousands of potential buyers becomes — “where to buy homes in Delaware?”  I have thought long and hard about my response to this question, and though the topic (obviously) can be up for debate, here are 3 places that many recent buyers of Delaware homes seem to be paying close attention to.  Or better said – these are the primary areas of which the state of Delaware seems to be experiencing high levels of real estate activity:

1. Buy homes in Delaware – Middletown:

If you are thinking about buying homes in Delaware, Middletown Delaware is most definitely an option worth looking into. And based on our research, in addition to leveraging current market activity – you may want to act rather quickly. The area is expanding extremely rapidly; a great sign for any would be home buyer (or investor).  The population of the area has increased more than two-hundred percent between the 2000 and 2010 census. And the popularity didn’t slow after the “Great Recession” either.  Middletown’s population has continued to grow rapidly since 2010, and is expected to top 30,000 by the year 2030. This means if you buy a house now, it is expected that your investment will be very secure going forward, and you can (still) get in while the prices are still relatively low (but only – probably – if you act sooner than later).
If you prefer a modern house, there are many new developments in the area; to include several desirable 55 and older communities, if that’s your cup-o-tea. Although the area still has a small town friendly atmosphere vibes, there are plenty of grocery stores, department stores, and large corporations moving in, that are sure to meet all of your basic shopping needs, and desires! Oh, and before I forget – In late summer, Middletown blossoms with the fun activities associated with it’s annual Old Tyme Peach Festival, an event you should put on the calendar if you happen to be in the area.

2. Buy homes in Delaware – Newark:

Another excellent option worth looking into is Newark, Delaware.  Newark is home to the University of Delaware, the pride and joy of Delaware academia.  It is also home to many academic options for those not attending UD, but desiring advanced education.  And I bet you were thinking of Delaware as strictly a “retirement destination,” but the reality is that Delaware has more than enough “fun,” and/or features to go around!  The University of Delaware, in particular, is a magnet for theatre, music, and other cultural events that keep the community vibrant, while statistically maintaining attractiveness to retirees.  The University of Delaware, as well as other local educational venues, also offers a wide selection of continuing education opportunities; of which – many participate indeed. These “CE’s” range from full academic courses, to fun weekend classes on topics such as wine tasting and nature photography.  Moral of the story?  If an education is what you seek, or retirement is in your future – Newark has options worth looking into!
According to recently polled residents, “Newark is a very enjoyable city in which to live.” Residents often stroll the downtown area (built in the early 1900s), visit the amazing and historical Glasgow park, and/or take in many features available only to those physically experiencing the amenities associated with the very first state in the U.S. union; yes – Delaware was, officially, the first state in what, today, we refer to as the United States of America.  Additionally, the area (Newark) features a variety of restaurants and eclectic shops, for those wishing to ‘get away’ for hours with that special someone. It’s also a great place to meet new people, hangout with old friends, and experience an all-inclusive atmosphere sure to find favor with anyone. The area is so quintessential American, that the National Trust from Historic Preservation bestowed it (Newark) with the “Great American Main Street Award.”  The city is also surrounded by many parks which feature several miles of flat walking and bicycling trails, and is very close in proximity to the “Delaware Canal”; a place for building great, and serene memories, in what again – is the first state in the U.S. Union; how can you possibly beat that?!!!  Finally: nearly every Newark neighborhood features nice wide sidewalks, each of which offers a little slice of Americana right on the street you will someday (or currently do) live.

3. Buy homes in Delaware – Smyrna:

Sometimes we (you) prefer a “quieter, simpler” life.  If this is you – you may want to check out Smyrna, Delaware!  This amazing little city was named one of the best small towns in America by Bert Sperlings’ “Best Places U.S.A.” guide. Smyrna features a nice inventory of well maintained, older homes, that includes obvious signs of tender, love, and care!  In fact, Smyrna can boast that This Old House named Smyrna as one of the best old house neighborhoods in the entire nation!  A feat not many small towns can lay claim to…

The houses in Smyrna often feature large yards with plenty of elbow room. You won’t feel hemmed in if you relocate to Smyrna, that’s for sure! Whether you enjoy fishing, bird watching, or an occasional glimpse of wild deer, rabbit, etc. – It’s a great place to commune with nature.  In Smyrna, You’re a short and pleasant drive to the Delaware bay, and ocean beaches, and to be honest – pretty much everything else you could possibly think of! Nearby, for example, is also Lake Como, Garrisons Lake, the Bombay Hook Preserve, and the Blackbird State Forest.  And I haven’t even mentioned the possibility of day trips to much of America’s history!  Need I say more???

I guess the only question left to be answered is this:  Have I piqued your interest in buying homes in Delaware?  If so, you are in luck!  I happen to know a very competent, friendly, and educated (and overall AMAZING Realtor) named Daniel Thomas.  Of all the Realtors in Delaware I could possibly recommend, Daniel is – without a doubt – the first one I would send you to.  Beleive me – If you are ready to shop for homes in Delaware, contact Daniel Thomas – a real estate agent who has gained, with no question in my mind, a reputation as the best realtor in Delaware!


And before I forget, Daniel has actually written a very easy to read article on the process of buying a Delaware home.  You should check it out (just click the link)!  I think you will gain two perspectives in doing so: 1) An easy understanding of how to buy homes in Delaware (and/or how to find homes in Delaware), and 2) the notion/vibe that Daniel Thomas is actually as good as I say he is!


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